Windsor | Electric Toilet And Commode Lift Chair

The Windsor Toilet/Commode Lift Seat offers a reliable, secure, and user-friendly solution for toilet transfers, allowing individuals to comfortably and safely use their home restroom. Utilizing the recognized “sit to stand” motion, this innovative seat restoration solution employs the body’s major muscle groups in the correct order, facilitating an efficient and natural movement. The lift seat replicates the ascending motion found in many “rise and recline” lift chairs, providing a familiar and comfortable experience for users. Restore ease and confidence in toileting with the Windsor Toilet/Commode Lift Seat.





Original price was: $2,999.99.Current price is: $2,599.99.


  • Maintain a safe body position whilst using the toilet
  • Cleaner and easier functionality, with remote control included
  • Comfortable, Stable lifting/lowering onto the toilet
  • Reduced impact on joints
  • Remote control for ease of use
  • Removable portable bed pan for convenient bedside use
  • Rear wheels for easy manoeuvrability (move from room to room if required)
  • Increased personal confidence and prolongs your ability to live at home
  • Battery powered device that enables users with restricted mobility to get on and off the toilet at the touch of a button
  • SOS Alarm Button



Dimensions (L x W x H) 60.5 x 52.5 x 79.5cm
Weight 22kg
Max. Loading Weight 200kg
Distance between handrails 50.6cm
Support times for battery full charge 150
Working Voltage 110-240V Adaptive Voltage
Shape Support 33 degree lift and down
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Windsor | Electric Toilet And Commode Lift Chair
Original price was: $2,999.99.Current price is: $2,599.99.