Wheelchair Spoke Covers Set of 2

Welcome to our vibrant world of wheelchair accessories! Wheelchair users are not defined by their mobility aids; they are teachers, fashionistas, athletes, and adventurers! We believe that their wheelchairs should reflect their vibrant personalities. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to offer a range of colourful wheel covers, or spoke guards,  infused with captivating art and surface design. We’ve carefully sourced a polypropylene material, proudly made in Australia, that is recyclable and will continue to search for products that are even more sustainable and eco friendly. The cover easily attaches with hook and loop tape. Join us in celebrating diversity, self-expression, and the power of colour. Let’s bring a kaleidoscope of happiness to the world of wheelchairs, one cover at a time.


Available in 4 sizes. according to wheel diameter: 40cm, 45cm, 47cm, 50cm.


How Do the Wheel Covers Fix on to the Wheel?

On the reverse side of each wheel cover are velcro straps.  You will need to undo them, put them around the spokes and press them firmly together.


What are the Wheel Covers Made Of?

We are extremely proud to have sourced a 100% Australian made material that is 50% recycled kerbside rubbish.  The material is sustainable, Green Tag Certified, carbon neutral and fully recyclable.


Are the Wheel Covers Water Resistant?

They are!  The material as detailed above is lightweight, extremely strong and will handle wet weather.


Butterfly Garden, Camo on Repeat, Comic Fun, Dinosaur Dance, Frankie Flowers, Animals, Warnajarrakura, Mashup of Monsters, Every Which Way, Fire Wheel, Flower, Jiwari, Maxi Maxi Maxi, Mirtiny, Party Vibes, Retro Flames, Sea to Sun, Street


40cm, 45cm, 47cm, 50cm

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Wheelchair Spoke Covers Set of 2
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