Turn Yourself Sheet


The Turn Yourself Sheet is excellent to help a person turn in bed if they have trouble turning. The extra slipperiness of the material takes a lot less effort to ‘slide and turn’, rather than turning on standard bed sheets. Turning on standard bed sheets can be an exhausting effort for many people. The reasons may be:

  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Motor Neurone Disease (MND) / Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)
  • Arthritis
  • Other muscular skeletal problems
  • Elderly people

The Turn Yourself Sheet may help these people with limited strength but good mental ability. The Turn Yourself Sheet will reduce the friction under the shoulders and hips when turning.

This material is thin and breathable. Its stays in position well with a very strong breathable foam that will withstand commercial washing.

To Use

Lay the Turn Yourself Sheet on the bed with the black breathable foam pad, face down. This black foam helps anchor it in place to prevent it moving during the night. Spread the Turn Yourself Sheet out on either side of the foam section on the bed. Position the Sheet with the top part just under the pillow to ensure it is under the person’s shoulders. The bottom part will then be under the person’s thighs, ensuring the hips will also be on top of the Turn Yourself Sheet. Most people sleep directly onto the breathable fabric, but another sheet can be placed on it if desired. This may be for people who are allergic to nylon.

When turning in bed, the person can use their legs to start turning or may even use their arms as well. The top layer of the Turn Yourself Sheet will move under the person reducing the normal friction under the body. The extra material that is on either side of the foam pad will slide under the person as they turn. This leaves a little of the material in front of them, but with extra material behind them. When they turn again, onto either their back or onto their other side, the surplus material that was behind them will pass under them during the turn.

Some patients with disturbed sleeping habits may make the foam section curl over during the night. This should not impede any turning or pressure care, though it will look untidy in the morning. Take care when getting in and out of bed to avoid slipping.

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Turn Yourself Sheet