Trolley Slide Sheet


The Trolley Slide Sheet will assist when transferring a patient from a bed to a trolley, or from a trolley to a bed. It is made from a strong nylon material with webbing handles.

The webbing handles are long enough to reach when standing with the trolley in position next to the bed. As the patient’s head and feet will be on the sheet, their body will move at the same time. The Sheet will be under the patient and wrapped around them. This helps keep them dignified and secure during the transfer. This is particularly important when being moved from a low bed to a higher trolley.

To Use – Bed To Trolley

Roll up the Trolley Slide Sheet from the edge that has the soft pulling handles attached. Only roll up half of the longest part of the sheet. Roll up as far as the grey tape sewn at the head and foot of the Sheet. Roll the patient over and place the Trolley Slide Sheet under the patient, from the side the patient will be moved from. Use the draw sheet method to pull the Trolley Slide Sheet under the patient. When in position the soft pulling handles will be in position ready to be pulled across.

The rest of the sheet should now be positioned over the patient’s body and the grey loop straps should be placed over the pulling handles. For better patient comfort, a pillow can be placed under the head.

If you are using a Slide Board – Trolley (sold separately), this can now be put in place. Insert it partly under the patient and partly over the edge. The Trolley Slide Sheet will work without the Slide Board. However, we highly recommend using a Slide Board – Trolley, as it will greatly reduce the friction when pulling the patient.

Once the trolley is in position, engage the brakes on the trolley and bed, and stand with the trolley between the people pulling and the bed. Depending on the patient’s weight, one, two or three nurses can pull the patient across to the trolley using the padded handles. Carers should employ a good manual handling procedure using their own body weight to move the patient. Once the patient is on the trolley, roll them to remove the Slide Sheet.

To Use – Trolley To Bed

This is done as above but in reverse. If you cannot comfortably reach across the bed, put a knee on the mattress before pulling the patient to assist balance and give more leverage.

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Trolley Slide Sheet