Trolley Baby Capsule Protector


The Trolley Baby Capsule Protector is designed to protect a child from germs when sitting in a shopping trolley. When not in use it is small enough to fit into a bag or can be easily carried.

Sometimes the capsules or seats may have been soiled by the previous child and germs may be transferred from one child to another. They may also be dirty or have bird droppings on them if the trolley is left outside

The Protector is made from three layers of material.

The bottom layer is a medical grade waterproof vinyl, to protect your child when sitting in the seat after a previous baby has possibly soiled the seat. This material is easy to wipe clean, or the whole Protector can be hand or machine washed.

The middle layer is a foam to provide some soft cushioning for your child.

The top layer is an easy wash poly-cotton material that can be wiped clean or machine washed.

To Use

Simply put the Protector in place and then put your child in the trolley and do up the safety straps if provided on the trolley.

After using, the Protector can be folded up so the bottom layer of vinyl material will not contaminate the upper poly-cotton material. It can then be placed in a polythene bag and stored in a baby change bag or even a normal shopping bag.

Note: The print material patterns may vary from the pictures above, depending on availability from our supplier.

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Trolley Baby Capsule Protector