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Taking off Compression Stockings can be very difficult for some people, particularly if they are not able to bend over enough to remove the stocking off their heel. The Stocking Off is designed to help remove the stocking over the heel. Before removing the compression stockings, sit on a safe, stable chair and if possible a low chair.

To Use: Knee High Stockings

Fold the top edge of the stocking over two or three times, depending on the thickness of the stocking top. Fully open the clip on the green tape and attach it to the stocking behind the leg, in line with the heel, as this is the clip that will take the stocking over the heel. Then attach the other two clips to the top of the stocking on each side of the leg. Make sure the clips are fully open and the plastic inside the clip is on the stocking. Pull on the clips to ensure they are correctly fitted and do not slip off. Take care not to damage the skin when fitting the clips. Fold the top of the stocking over again, with the three clips, so when removing the stocking, the clips will not be rubbing next to the skin.

Then place the toes of the other foot over the plastic tubing on the green Loop. Use the foot to push the Stocking Off down the leg, to pull the stocking down, over the heel and off the foot. If possible while pulling the stocking down, lift the leg with the stocking, off the floor. Depending how long the stocking is, it may be necessary to remove the foot from the tubing and place it on the part of the stocking that is now on the floor. If it is a long ‘above knee’ stocking, it may be necessary to do this in stages to completely remove the full length. It may be necessary to stand up to completely remove the stocking, so always hold on to a solid chair or bed, to prevent falling over.

To Use: Above Knee Stockings

Pull the stocking down over the knee and attach the clips as above.

To Use: Compression Tights

Removing tights may not work with the Stocking Off, as it may be difficult for the person to move their legs enough. Some people may be able to remove one leg but not the second leg.


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