Soft Transfer Belt – Wipeable


The Soft Transfer Belt – Wipeable is an easy to clean transfer belt and is therefore very popular in aged care facilities and hospitals.

This transfer belt is sometimes referred to as a Pelican Belt, Johnny Belt or simply Transfer Belt. They are used for transferring patients.

About the Soft Transfer Belt – Wipeable

This belt has four large padded vertical handles. It is normally used with two Carers working together, but if necessary, one Carer can work alone, depending on the patient.

This item is made with a wipeable material which can be easily wiped clean for better infection control. Note: There is still stitching in some areas.

This product is similar to:

  • Soft Transfer Belt which is designed to be washed.
  • Handi Lift Walk Belt which uses a Hook & Loop fastening. The Soft Transfer Belts use a buckle and is suitable when the patient has a pendulous bust or if their body shape requires a narrower belt fastening. This is easily adjusted for size to suit a variety of patients. The soft padded Belt is slip resistant.
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Soft Transfer Belt – Wipeable