Shower Belt Shoulder Strap


The Shower Belt Shoulder Strap is used with the Shower Belt (sold separately).

The Shower Belt and Shower Belt Shoulder Strap provide extra help to nursing staff when patients are slippery and wet while being washed. Staff should be available at all times to monitor their use. The loops on the end of two long straps should be placed on the front of the Pelican Shower Belt. They can either go straight over the patient’s shoulders, like braces or be crossed over the chest. This method may be helpful when a patient tends to lean more to one side. The long single strap with the male buckle attached should be taken down the back of the chair and around one of the rear legs, across to the other rear leg and back up to fit into the female part of the buckle.

When adjusting the straps to take up any excess material, try not to make the straps too tight. The patient should have enough space to lean forward to just before the vertical position so when they relax they will recline back into the chair and not lean forward, suspended from the straps. As patients vary so much in their behaviour, this method may be altered for individual patients.

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Standard Beige Vinyl, White Nylon

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Shower Belt Shoulder Strap
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