Seat Belt Hook


The Seat Belt Hook is designed to help people who have difficulty reaching behind them for their seat belt. It can be used by:

  • The driver to use themselves
  • The driver to reach the passenger’s seatbelt

To Use

Hold the Seat Belt Hook in either the left or right hand, though most people in a right hand drive car may use their left hand to retrieve the seat belt. If possible try to turn your head to see where the seat belt is, but after using the Hook a few times it will become very easy to use. Some people have the Hook facing the window and others have the hook facing the inside of the car. Experiment with different hands and with the hook facing both ways to see what is best for you.

The driver can use the Hook to retrieve the passenger’s seat belt before driving off.

There is a webbing loop sewn to the handle. This is for people who may accidentally drop the Seat Belt Hook. You can remove the loop if you do not need it.

Store the Hook in a side door pocket or between the seats. Ensure it will not fall down under the driver’s feet.

Also available: The Car Access Strap, to help people getting in and out of cars.

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Seat Belt Hook