Scharmer Restraint


The Scharmer Restraint is a pair of padded cuffs that can be done up and undone quickly when used with an agitated patient.

The adjustable buckle allows it to be secured to a bed.

It is available with the cuffs in 3 sizes to fit different size wrists and ankles. The webbing length is 280cm for all 3 sizes, and they are sold in pairs.

To Use

Place the Scharmer Restraint around the patient’s wrists or ankles, making sure to select the cuff size that provides a firm fit. Secure the webbing to the bed or trolley frame by wrapping it around the frame, behind one of the struts, then doing up the buckle.

To help prevent the patient from sliding down the bed, you may want to secure one wrist near the hip area and the other wrist near the top of the bed. If restraining for a long time, it may be possible to alternate the wrist restrained near the top of the bed. When securing the ankles, secure the webbing around the end of the bed frame to stop the patient from kicking or sliding up the bed.

This product is similar to the Wrist/Ankle Restraint – Padded.


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Scharmer Restraint
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