Rehab Step


The Rehab Step is a rehabilitation item, normally used by Physiotherapists. There is enough room for a Patient using a walking frame to step up, walk a few paces, and step down the other side.

The Step has a durable, wipe-clean plastic casing, with an internal block of high density polystyrene. Weighing approximately 10kg/22lbs, the Rehab Step is lighter than most wooden steps, therefore reducing the manual handling risk for the Therapist.

There are two sliding rails on the side, so instead of having to carry the Step, it can be slid across flooring surfaces such as tiles, carpet, smooth/painted concrete, and lino. The strong adjustable carry strap wraps around the polystyrene block inside the plastic casing, so the Step can be carried over a shoulder or forearm when necessary.


  • As this is a rehabilitation item, we recommend a Therapist is with the Patient at all times to ensure they do not fall while using the Rehab Step
  • Do not walk on the Step in high heel shoes, particularly stiletto heels
  • Do not slide the Step on surfaces such as rough concrete or bitumen

Note: As this is considered an over-sized item, customers from outside of Australia should contact us before placing an order so that we can provide an accurate shipping cost.

Weight 11.5 kg
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Rehab Step