Rebotec Quadro – Stable 4 Point Walking Cane

Struggle with your walking? This 4-foot walker is designed for people with limited walking ability. The quad cane takes the effort out of walking, giving you a comfortable and easy stride. It’s great for full days of shopping or visiting friends and features compression fitting for a strong and confident stride.

  • Good weight distribution
  • 4-point base with rubber ferrules
  • Good grip
  • Better balance

FLEXIBLE HEIGHT: Enjoy the flexibility of adjustable height for your comfort. Complete with 10 adjustment settings for your preferred height.

WIDE AND STABLE FOOTPRINT: The wide and stable footprint makes it ideal for stability and comfort.

GOOD GRIP AND BALANCE: Lightweight but sturdy, the cane can help you maintain balance and reduce the risk of falling. The cane is designed with an ergonomic handle and a wide, stable base that gives you a good grip and balance.

4-POINT BASE WITH RUBBER FERRULES: Wide and stable footprint with 4 interdependent rubber ferrules with large contact surfaces designed for greater stability, support, and comfort.



Height 63 – 86 cm
Diameter Ø in mm: 19mm
Country of Origin Germany
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Rebotec Quadro – Stable 4 Point Walking Cane