Reacher Grabber 45cm

Lightweight reacher grabber extension aid is a perfect gadget for someone with lowered mobility. The reacher is ideal for people who find stretching or bending to reach those awkward places a challenge.

The Reacher Grabber is practical and versatile for picking up objects, extending height reach helping with personal independence.

Allows the user an extended reach to grab items that are needed. No need to strain the back or reach up high or low; this product will do all the hard reaching and grabbing for you.

Tailored to the user; this product is an excellent addition to aid in reaching, picking up, putting down and moving items. The Reacher Grabber comes with a 5 year warranty for added peace of mind.

Features include: coated rubber grips, wide opening jaws, lightweight feel, ergonomic design, 5 year manufacturer warranty, range of lengths available, 2kg weight capacity and includes a magnetic handle for easy metal object pick-ups.

Suitable for a variety of users. Frail, aged, disabled, back pain sufferers, post surgery patients and many more. The product is user friendly and requires minimal hand strength for ease of use.

Pick up objects on the floor, on top of the cupboard or in tight places without stretching and bending. This product gives individuals an increased independence. Enabling a ‘do it yourself’ capability that may not have been possible before.

A great addition to medical and clinical settings to help clients feel independent by increasing self esteem and added ability. The Reacher Grabber ticks all the boxes where independence is concerned. An invaluable product for a variety of individuals.



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  • Allows users to grab items without straining or stretching.
  • Tailored to users for easy pick-up, putting down, and movement.
  • Coated rubber grips, wide opening jaws, ergonomic design, 5-year warranty, range of lengths, and 2kg capacity.
  • Enables individuals to reach and grab objects easily, promoting self-reliance and “do it yourself” capability.
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Reacher Grabber 45cm

Availability: 5 in stock