QUINGO Ultra Mobility Scooter – pulls apart to fit in your car boot

  • 5-Wheel quintell design
  • Pulls apart to fit in the boot of your car
  • Kerb climbing technology
  • Ergonomic adaptive footplates
  • USB charging port

The Quingo Ultra mobility scooter is extremely straightforward to transport and is very easy to dismantle, taking less than 60 seconds to be loaded in to the boot of even a small car and, due its lightweight aluminium chassis, it is easy to lift the individual components. Ideal indoors or out, it can be used in shopping centers and for trips to small local shops or keeping in touch with family and friends.

The unique 5 wheel stability system enjoyed by Quingo scooters maintains the manoeuvrability, superior driving position and posture benefits of a 3 wheel mobility scooter while implementing the stability and safer cornering characteristics of a 4 wheel scooter. As well as the exceptional anatomical driving position all Quingos also offer an astonishing 80% more foot room than a 4 wheel mobility scooter of a similar length. Additionally Quintell™ Adaptive foot-plates allow individual adjustment in multiple planes assuring the most natural and comfortable ride.


Original price was: $3,900.00.Current price is: $3,315.00.




Blue, Brown Crystal

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QUINGO Ultra Mobility Scooter – pulls apart to fit in your car boot
Original price was: $3,900.00.Current price is: $3,315.00.