Portable Pool Lift

Immerse yourself in the sheer joy of swimming with our Portable Pool Lift, a revolutionary device designed for safe and easy access in and out of the pool. Engineered for simplicity and convenience, this portable lift ensures that every dip in the pool becomes a seamless and enjoyable experience. Crafted with precision, the Portable Pool Lift not only facilitates effortless up and down movements but also introduces a companion feature for smooth forward-backward and right-left motions. This comprehensive movement capability grants you complete control, enhancing your aquatic adventures with unparalleled freedom.






  • There is an emergency button.
  • Water resistant control.
  • Detachable and rechargeable battery
  • The battery has a charge indicator (both on the device and on the charger)
  • Wheels suitable for wet surfaces (water-resistant wheels with soft rubber coated and closed-type bearings)
  • Stroke length is 1250 mm. (610 mm above water and 640 mm in water)
  • Adjustable seat mechanism so that in-water and above-water distances can be adjusted according to a user’s request. (± 100 mm)
  • The device battery can be charged with 220 Volts.
  • The device is 24 Volts. This low-voltage feature ensures safe operation on wet surfaces.
  • It has a lifting capacity of 150 kg.
  • The weight of the device is 200 kg.
  • It has a water-repellent seat suitable for wet use.
  • The body is made of ST-52 steel and zinc plated and painted with electrostatic paint.
  • The parts entering the water are 304 stainless steel and coated with electrostatic paint.


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Portable Pool Lift