Patient Turning Straps


The Patient Turning Straps are designed to help turn someone who cannot roll onto their side when on their back on the floor. The Straps are particularly helpful for large and bariatric patients.

To Use

Place the Patient Turning Straps and Wedges on the floor next to the person. Make sure the ‘This Way Up’ label is showing, and ensure the head will be on the wedge when turned. Slide one Grey Strap under the neck to under the opposite armpit. Then place the other Strap under the thighs, so the Strap goes up the opposite hip of the person. To avoid shearing on the person, ensure the Grey Straps are not twisted and position them with the red webbing loops away from the person

Cross the Straps over the person’s chest and pull at an angle, so the Strap under the shoulder is pulled from the Rescuer standing or kneeling opposite the fallen person’s legs, and the Strap under the legs is pulled by the Rescuer standing by the person’s head.

The person’s arms and legs should be positioned to allow log rolling. In particular their arm should not block the turn. Remember when turning someone, the people pulling are only turning the person onto their side, they are not lifting the full body weight, so be careful not to turn them onto their stomach. The person in charge of the turn, should say out loud ‘Ready, Brace, Turn’ or similar instructions, to ensure the turn is synchronised.

The red webbing loops are long enough to allow for 2 or 3 Rescuers on each of the two Straps. The ResQsheet Extension Straps can be attached to the red webbing loops, if extra length is required for more people to help with the turning.

When the person is on their side, a lifting device can be placed under them. This may be a Lifting Sling, Emergency Stretcher, or an air jack. Log roll the person again if necessary onto their other side to take the air jack or sling material out. The person should be in the middle of the air jack or sling. To do this the Patient Turning Straps can be placed on the opposite side of them. This way, they can be rolled the opposite way.

It may be possible to use a hoist to do the pulling. Generally the legs on a mobile hoist will prevent it from getting close enough to the person. The person may be able to bend their legs to allow one hoist leg to go under the person’s legs. Then place the other hoist leg under the fallen person’s neck if their head is on a pillow. If this is possible, still cross the Grey Straps over on the spreader bar as when turning by hand. Have training before using on a patient to make sure your Hoist is suitable.

The Patient Turning Straps can be used on the floor or possibly on a bed. Just make sure that the bed and mattress are stable enough to allow for them to be used. It may be necessary to lower the bed and raise the bed rails, to stop the mattress from moving and to stop the person falling off the bed.

The model in these photographs is an able-bodied person who weighs over 150kg / 330lbs.

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Patient Turning Straps