Electric Bariatric Wheelchair | Super Wide Seat | Heavy Duty | 350kg Weight Capacity

Customizable for your comfort, our wheelchair features adjustable handles, allowing you to tailor the width to your personal preferences. Experience personalized support that caters to your unique needs, ensuring a comfortable and secure ride. Navigating your surroundings has never been easier with the user-friendly joystick control. The easy-to-use interface provides you with the confidence to maneuver effortlessly, ensuring a comfortable and stress-free experience while seated in your wheelchair. Our Bariatric Electric Wheelchairs redefine mobility essentials, delivering unparalleled comfort and ease.


The only Oversize Bariatric Wheelchair for all your needs with an astonishing 350 Kg Weight Capacity

Invest in a Heavy-Duty Wheelchair that goes beyond expectations, providing both comfort and durability. Your mobility needs are at the forefront of our design, ensuring that every journey is a smooth and empowering one. Versatile across all terrains, these heavy-duty wheelchairs are equipped with solid rubber wheels, offering not only exceptional support for extra weight but also long-lasting stability. Whether indoors or outdoors, experience the freedom to move without limits.


  • Battery: 24V 32Ah
  • Motor: 250W 2*Pcs
  • Internal seat width: 800mm
  • Internal Seat depth: 550mm
  • Adjustable/removable Headrest
  • Overall Height: 155cm
  • Overall Width: 910cm
  • Overall height: 132cm
  • Seat height from the floor: 560mm
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Electric Bariatric Wheelchair | Super Wide Seat | Heavy Duty | 350kg Weight Capacity