Neurological Head Holder


The Neurological Head Holder and Foam Wedges are designed to hold the head during endovascular intervention operations. We use a high density foam for this product. It is soft enough for surgical procedures, but firm enough to avoid too much movement.

The Head Foam is the main part which holds the head. The Head Foam part gives a good fit under the head to help stabilise it during operations.

There is a choice of 3 wedges which go underneath the Head Foam:

  • 6cm / 2.4″
  • 8cm / 3.1″
  • 10cm / 4.0″

All four parts are sold separately.

About the Neurological Head Holder

Place the wider edge under the neck. This allows the head to rest slightly back. This allows the surgeon to find the required angle and height for the head. Cut the foam if required for the patient’s ears or surgeon’s requirements.


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Neurological Head Holder
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