MyRide Self Propelled Wheelchair Fully-featured – 3 Colours

Modern, fully featured, lightweight, Self-Propelled wheelchair.

Padded seat, flip up armrests for easy transfer, removable footrests, anti-tip wheels, puncture proof tires, dual breaks wheelchair.

Modern design, fully featured wheelchair in fresh colour scheme.

EASY FLIP BACK ARMREST: For convenient and safe side transfer. Lift your wheelchair armrest up and completely out of the way when you need to.

ANTI-TIPPING SAFETY WHEELS: Keep you upright, prevent falling backwards when leaning back in the wheelchair, navigating an incline or taking off a little too quickly. Safe way to get use to wheelchair use and important for balancing the pivot point for above knee amputees.

REMOVABLE & FOLDING FOOTRESTS: Fold footplates out of the way when getting in or out of the wheelchair. Remove Leg rest altogether for storage or travel.

PUNCTURE PROOF TIRES: No need to ever check is your wheels are flat. Never worry of a puncture.

22 INCH DRIVE WHEELS Lean profile for high manoeuvrability 22-inch wheels make the chair more agile around furniture, people and other obstacles then a full 24-inch wheel.

PADDED SEAT AND BACKREST: Both backrest and seat are padding with breathable fabric and foam padding. Perfect for everyday comfort. Consider adding a foam and gel cushion for higher pressure care support.

DUAL BREAKS: Attendant and self-engaged wheel breaks are in place for any situation. Both are able to lock in to place or use to progressively to slow down.

SIDE FOLDING: Takes up very little space when not in use. Easy and quick to unfold when needed.

SEAT BELT: Lateral and forward safety and stability. Keep you safe and in the seat from sudden, stops, bumps and direction changes.

CALF REST: Keep your feet comfortably on the footrests but gently supporting your calves in place.

LIGHTWEIGHT, ALUMINIUM FRAME: Light and rigid frame, easy to transport, navigate and drive. The best wheelchairs are after all are Aluminium.

TGA REGISTRATION & CERTIFIED: Certified by TGA (Administration of Therapeutic Goods Australia) and meets all Australian standards for medical device. Peace of mind that you are buying a quality, registered product.


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Seat Width 44 cm
Seat Depth 41 cm
Seat Height 49 cm
Backrest Height 41 cm
Overall Height 91 cm
Overall Width 62 cm
Overall Length (with footrests) 102 cm
Armrest Height (from ground) 42 cm
Folded Height 73 cm
Folded Width 33 cm
Folded Length (without footrests) 71 cm
Total Weight (with accessories) 14 kg
Rear Wheels 22 inch / 55 cm
Puncture proof solid tire
Lean profile for high maneuverability
Front Castors 7 inch / 17 cm
Puncture proof solid tire
Material Aluminium
SWL 120 kg
Included Backrest pad
Seat pad
Calf rest
Anti-tipping safety wheels (removable)

Light Blue, Orange, White

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