Multi Function Adjustable Electric Knee Massager

a versatile and intelligent solution for targeted relief and relaxation. Designed to mimic the skilled hands of a masseur, this massager employs a pair of powerful 3000RPM motors located on both sides of the knee, ensuring a therapeutic massage experience ranging from gentle to invigorating.






Three Vibration Modes:

Intelligent computer chip control program.

Dual 3000RPM motors mimic the hands of a masseur.

Variable vibration modes for personalized massage effects.


Utilizes advanced heating film technology.

Quicker and more accurate temperature rise.

Provides soothing warmth for enhanced muscle relaxation.


TPU material on both sides for full knee coverage.

Ensures a secure and comfortable fit for various knee sizes.

Adaptor Directly:

Designed for use during sitting activities.

Allows direct connection to an adaptor for practical and continuous use.


Versatile design for use on the knee, shoulder, and elbow.

Adaptable to various areas of the body for comprehensive relief.

Liquid Crystal Display:

Visual LCD control panel for easy and intuitive operation.

Convenient for users of all ages, providing clear visibility of functions.




PC and ABS construction for durability and resilience.

Harmonious combination of hard and soft materials for optimal comfort.

Back Lining:

High-quality fabric with an imported leather lining.

Enhances overall durability and aesthetic appeal.


LED indicators for ease of operation.

Streamlines the user experience and enhances usability.



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Multi Function Adjustable Electric Knee Massager