Motorised automatic stair climber wheelchair lift-STAIRUP CLIMBER

Welcome to a new era of accessibility and independence—the Motorised Automatic Stair Climber Wheelchair Lift stands as a groundbreaking solution, revolutionizing the mobility experience for individuals confronting the challenges posed by stairs. More than just a piece of equipment, this lift is a transformative innovation, offering a seamless and dignified means of navigating varied spaces with unparalleled ease and confidence.






This Motorised automatic stair climber wheelchair lift helps transfer wheelchair users up and down stairs.

The wheelchair lift is transportable and can be used on most staircases.


  • Extra wide adjustable sliding system
  • Heavy duty aluminium alloy
  • Smart panel control
  • Loading pallet stabilises the weight of the wheelchair
  • Wheel locks for safe transfer


  • Unfolded Dimensions 63 x 56 x (112-171) cm
  • Folded Dimension 112 x 46 x 30 cm
  • Weight 33 kg
  • Gross Weight 49 kg
  • Loading Capacity 200kg
  • Overall Depth 111 cm
  • Overall Width 50 cm
  • Motor Output Power 120W
  • Motor Output Voltage 20-29.5 v
  • Motor Adaptable Voltage 110-240 v
  • Motor Current 13.9 A
  • Battery Voltage 24v
  • Lithium Battery x 1PCS
  • Service life 3-5 years
  • Max speed 6km/h
  • Climbing slope 30–60°
  • Charging time 5 hrs
  • Width of armrests:50CM
  • Drive mode rear drive



Weight 38 kg
Dimensions 30 × 51 × 119 cm
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Motorised automatic stair climberMotorised automatic stair climber wheelchair lift-STAIRUP CLIMBER