Miracle Grip Rubber Pads


Sometimes it can be very difficult to undo screw top bottles and jars. This can be made a lot easier by using the Miracle Grip Rubber Pads.

These are sold in packs of two Pads, so one can be used on the top of the jar, and one on the bottom of the jar. The extra grip by using two Pads makes them a lot easier to open. These are also useful in a workshop for undoing tight fittings.

About the Miracle Grip Rubber Pads

The material is a rubber type material with a strong internal mesh for holding the rubber together. This makes the material very flexible, so it can be held over the lids or bottle tops.

Size: 16cm x 15cm / 6.3″ x 5.9″. Special sizes made to order.

Note: This product does not contain latex.


Also available: Non-Slip Mat.

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Miracle Grip Rubber Pads