Handi Weigh Ramp


The Handi Weigh Ramp is made from 604 Grade stainless steel, for rust prevention. It is designed to fit most bathroom scales. There are strips of protective foam under the Ramp to make it suitable for use with glass scales.

There are three methods of weighing:

  • Place the Ramp centrally on the scales. Make sure the Back Stop Bracket is positioned along the back edge of the scales. Then put an empty wheelchair on the ramp. The scales can then be re-set at zero so when weighing someone, the scales will only indicate the person’s weight.
  • Note the total weight of the Handi Weigh Ramp and an empty wheelchair and when weighing someone deduct this weight from the total indicated. The weight can be written discreetly on the chair for future weighing. This method may be used in a hospital where many different makes of wheelchair are in use.
  • Place the Handi Weigh Ramp on the scales and reset the scales to zero. Weigh the empty wheelchairs and note their weight discreetly on the back of the wheelchairs. When weighing a patient simply deduct the recorded weight of the chair and Ramp from the total.

To Use

When pushing the wheelchair towards the Handi Weigh Ramp, once the front wheels touch the ramp, it will tilt up. Continue pushing but use your foot on the tilt bar under the wheelchair as well as pushing with your hands, until the wheelchair is positioned on the ramp. Stop pushing when the front wheels are against the two Stop Bars welded onto the front of the ramp.


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Handi Weigh Ramp