Emergency Stretcher


The Emergency Stretcher can be used in confined conditions or even for carrying people up and down stairs.

It can be used by many Carers sharing the weight.

The Emergency Stretcher is made from the same strong nylon that we make our mechanical lifting hoist slings from. The lifting slings have been weight tested to over 500kg / 1100lbs. The stretcher is easy to store and take to a patient as well as being easy to lift and carry a patient. It can be left under patients during X-Rays, saving unnecessary lifting from the stretcher to the X-Ray table.

Two pockets are provided on both sides to put long poles in if necessary, though in many instances, the ease of using the webbing handles makes it very convenient for two or more Carers to carry the patient. We recommend that two Carers should only lift lightweight patients, under 55kg / 121lbs. However, with more Carers holding on either side, far heavier patients can be carried. We suggest the Carers use both hands when lifting, although in some circumstances, the Carers may use only one hand if the other hand is needed to hold on to hand rails. If possible, try to have Carers of the same height carrying the stretcher.

The Emergency Stretcher folds up easily to an approximate size of 22cm x 30cm x 6cm for convenient storage.

To Use

Fold the Emergency Stretcher roughly into thirds length wise. Check the patient for spinal injuries. Once permission has been given to move them, roll them onto the folded Emergency Stretcher. Once the patient is in position, unfold it so that the webbing handles are either side of the patient. The Carers should bend their knees and hold the webbing handles in both hands.

If carrying a patient up or down stairs, the stretcher can be used to hold the patient as if sitting in a chair.

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Emergency Stretcher