Dressing Clips


Sometimes people can overbalance if their trousers are around their ankles by leaning too far forward after going to the toilet. Dressing Clips can help solve this problem as the trousers and underpants can be pulled up without bending over.

Practise opening the Clips to make sure your fingers are strong enough to open the spring. One hand may be stronger than the other and it may be easier using both hands to open a Clip.

Note: As we can no longer obtain the Clips used in the demonstration photos, we have had to source another suitable clip. These new Clips should work in the same way as the original Clip.

To Use

The upper Clip is attached to the person’s shirt or jumper. It can be placed inside the front opening of a button up shirt, or to the front of a t-shirt or shirt pocket. Ensure the material is not touching the skin, so the skin is not pinched by the Clip.

Next, attach the lower Clip to the waist band of the trousers. It may also help to attach any underwear. This should be done while is standing in front of the toilet, prior to sitting down. Make sure the Clips are secured, then lower the trousers to the floor and sit down.

After standing up, gently pull the connecting cord to bring up the underpants and trousers until they can be held by hand. Before pulling them up, make sure you are not standing on the trousers. It will be easier if your legs are not too far apart, but once you can reach the waist band, if you open your legs a little it will help stop the trousers from falling down again. Do not pull fast or with a sudden jerk, as the Clip may be pulled off the waist band. Be careful if the trousers are heavy denim jeans or cotton material, or if there are any heavy objects in the pockets.

Once the trousers are within reach, release only the underpants from the Clip. This allows them to be pulled correctly into position. The shirt can be tucked down ready for the trousers to be pulled fully up. After the shirt has been tucked in and the trousers are done up, both Clips can be undone. The Dressing Clips can be kept in a bag or pocket, or near the toilet for next time.

Also Available is the Sock On, to help people put on their socks without having to bend down.

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Dressing Clips