Double Lifting Bands


Main Features

  • For specialised transfers used under strict supervision
  • Padded
  • Separate leg and chest straps

Some patients are very difficult to lift with our popular lifting Slings. This could be due to the size of the patient, the type of chair they use, special inserts fitted to the chairs, etc. The Double Lifting Bands provide an alternative to the full body Sling. Another benefit of the Double Lifting Bands is to use only the top band to assist weight bearing patients to stand while a nurse attends to their clothing for dressing or toileting. The top band has a strong wide chest safety strap that will temporarily support a patient, even if they take their arms off the hoist frame handles. The Top Band can be used on its own with some brands of stand-up hoist.

To Fit – Top Band

This band is placed behind the patient’s back and under the patient’s arms. The soft foam padding will roll over under the arms during the lift to prevent it cutting in. Attached to the Top Band is a wide chest safety strap, with a double Hook & Loop Tape fastening. This should be done up around the patient’s chest.

To Fit – Bottom Band

This is placed under the patient’s thighs as near to the groin as possible.

To Lift

By attaching the shortest loops of the Top Band and longest loops on the Bottom Band, the patient can be lifted in a sitting upright position – this makes it very easy to lower the patient onto a commode/toilet/chair without having to pull them back into position. Also, there is less chance of the patient jack-knifing at the knees. To have the patient reclined, use the longer loops on the Top Band and the shorter loops on the Bottom Band.

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Double Lifting Bands