Doorway Floor Strips


The Doorway Floor Strips are designed to help prevent some people with dementia from entering or leaving a room. Some people with dementia will not pass a black area on the floor.

The product is in a pack containing the following components, and you can use whichever fixing method is suitable for your floor surface:

  • Three thin black non-slip rubber strips, each 90cm / 35.5″ long
  • Three lengths of sticky-backed hook & loop tape for fixing to carpet floors
  • Three lengths of double sided sticky dots for fixing to hard floor surfaces such as wood or tiles

Special sizes can be made on request.

The Doorway Floor Strips product may be considered a form of restraint, so seek approval if necessary.

Because dementia care is a complex area, we cannot guarantee this product will work for everyone. Click here to see some research done on the use of black strips on the floor for people living with dementia or Alzheimers.

Another product to consider is the Doorway Webbing Barrier.

Weight 4.2 kg
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Doorway Floor Strips