Comprehensive Pelvic Support Sling

The Comprehensive Pelvic Support Sling is a comfortable, strong and secure one size fits most circumferential pelvic belt. Used post trauma when a suspected pelvic injury has occurred.










The benefits of pelvic sling use are fracture stabilisation, haemorrhage control, reduced transfusion requirements and reduced length of stay in the hospital. 


  • 2 way attachment points offering ease of donning and adjustment when the patient is in different positions. 
  • Pull tabs with strong Velcro for easy donning and adjustment. 
  • 3 straps with industrial webbing and 50mm wide buckles for stability and security. 
  • Double stitched in all areas for strength and durability. 
  • Safe for MRI and XR use 
  • Does not contain Latex. 

Cotton lined, padded gel foam for patient comfort when tightened securely. 

Fabric does not stretch and cleans with standard detergent. 

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Comprehensive Pelvic Support Sling