Car – Bus Seat Slide Pad


The Car – Bus Seat Slide Pad is designed to help people who cannot turn and move into a bus seat near the window. It can also be used to help people getting into the back seat of a car.

For front seat passengers in a car, we recommend the Car Seat Slide Pads (sold separately).

Using In a Bus

Place the two Pads on the seat, so that the two blue surfaces are against each other, and the thin joining webbing is at the back of the seat. The Top Pad is over-hanging the side edge of the seat and has part of the Pad resting against the back of the seat, so when the passenger sits down, the webbing handles will be either side of their hips. The passenger then sits down, facing the central aisle of the bus. They can hold the back of the seat in front of them, so they turn around to face the front and then slide across to be next to the window. The passenger is now correctly positioned next to the window. Remember to always remove the Pads during the journey. The Pads can be put back in place when getting out of the bus at the destination. If necessary the Top Pad can now be wiped clean to use with another person. To get out of the seat, reverse the above procedure by the passenger standing up a little so a Carer can position the Pads on the seat again.

If the passenger needs assistance

The Carer can assist to turn the passenger to face the front. The Carer supports their own body against the back of the seat. They can hold the webbing handles on the Top Pad, either side of the passenger’s hips. It is very important that the passenger holds the back of the seat in front of them and partially stands a little to take some of their weight off the seat. The Carer can now slide the passenger’s hips across to the seat next to the window. If necessary a second Carer can also help.

Using In Back Seat of a Car

Place the Pads on the seat. The front of the Top Pad should be over the side edge of the seat. The Pad should be resting against the back of the seat. The passenger sits on the Top Pad so the webbing handles are on both sides of their hips. The Carer helps to slide the passenger back into the seat and assist them to put their feet into the car so they face the front. The passenger should hold the seat in front of them so they can stand a little, while the Carer removes the Top and Bottom Pads for the journey. Never leave the pads under the person when the car is moving, remember to fasten the car seat belt. When getting out of the car, the passenger should slightly stand again. Then the Carer can place the Top and Bottom Pads back on the seat under them. The Carer can assist the passenger to get their legs out of the car. They can then use the webbing handles on both sides to slide the passenger to the side of the seat. By using the webbing handles the Carer can assist the passenger to stand up. This is easier if the passenger leans forward and supports themselves on the car.

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Car – Bus Seat Slide Pad