Boot Hoist Lifter 80kg With Remote Control

Lift your wheelchair or scooter easily using the Australian Made Boot hoist BT-80 Folding 80kg with a Cordless Remote Control.

You are fully designed, developed, and manufactured in Australia to provide you with the best Lifter for your power device. With this folding Lifter, you don’t have to worry about travelling and lifting the mobility aid care device into your vehicle. The new Boot hoist BT-80 comes in 80kg lift capacity models with the latest features that no other hoist has.

Designed to lift scooters and wheelchairs weighing less than 80kg with remote control allows you to enjoy increased mobility thanks to its user-friendly operation and clever design. Straight forward to fit, suitable for many vehicles, including hatchbacks, vans and SUVs. Easily detachable when not in use, the Mini Hoist makes light loading and unloading work.

Capable of lifting wheelchairs (including those with power packs) and mini-scooters and can be fitted into most Hatchbacks, Estates, Vans, MPVs and 4x4s.

There are two forms of the Remotely controlled Boot Hoist BT-80 :

The two-way and the four-way


  • Lifting capacity of up to 80kg
  • Lifts & Loads in 60 seconds
  • Easy to use
  • Lifts all types of mini scooters and wheelchairs
  • Manufactured in Australia
  • Over 300 vehicle-specific installation kits
  • Transfer quickly to your next vehicle


  • 1 Attach mini scooter or wheelchair to attachment strap
  • 2 Press the button to begin hoisting
  • 3 Gently guide your mini scooter or wheelchair as it lifts
  • 4 Your mini scooter or wheelchair is safely stowed


Even smaller wheelchairs can be a struggle to get into a car. Still, our versatile Remote Control wheelchair Lifter 80 KG makes light work of loading and unloading thanks to its user-friendly operation and clever, compact design. Straightforward to fit, suitable for a wide range of vehicles and easily detachable when not in use, the Automatic Boot hoist BT-80 Lifter can also be easily removed when it is time to sell your car.

WHY CHOOSE THE Boot hoist BT-80?

Wheelchairs and scooters allow people with limited mobility to move in and around the home, but they can be a burden when taking them further afield. Installing a hoist in your vehicle means you or a family member can lift them effortlessly into the boot of your car, allowing you the independence to travel and the freedom to work, shop or explore beyond your immediate neighbourhood.

This product is recommended for everyone, including people with the following:

  • Wheelchair users 
  • Stroke
  • Amputees
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Motor neuron disease
  • Parkinson’s disease



This innovative boot hoist lifter allows you to load wheelchairs or scooters up to 80kg safely and efficiently.


  • Lifts & Loads in 60 seconds
  • Simple and easy to operate
  • Suits a range of vehicles
  • Low-profile design
  • Remote control operated


Installation costs vary between car makes and models.

Please contact us for further details.


2-WAY BT-80, 4-WAY BT-80

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Boot Hoist Lifter 80kg With Remote Control
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