Bed Wedge – Bariatric – Heat Sealed


The Bed Wedge Bariatric – Heat Sealed is a very useful triangular foam bariatric Bed Wedge.

It is made of convoluted foam to help with pressure care.

It can be used in a variety of ways to help people in bed. It can also be used in intensive care or in the operating theatre.

The sides of the Wedge are 45 degrees. Depending on how close to the patient the Wedge is placed, the patient may rest at 30 degrees or higher. Some Bariatric patients may be more comfortable at more than 30 degrees, so this wedge will allow for a larger angle and give good support to the patient.

About the Bed Wedge – Bariatric – Heat Sealed

This Bed Wedge is made from a very firm foam, so it should not crush under the weight of most bariatric people. The foam is convoluted on the sides, so when it is next to the patient, the surface is softer and the convolutions will help with blood circulation.

The cover is made from a soft breathable, four way stretch material, that is Heat Sealed for infection control.

There is a wide flap along one edge which can be folded under. The advantage of this flap is to allow air to move slightly when someone is lying on it. This means that it doesn’t feel like lying on a balloon.

Some Uses For The Bed Wedge

  • Back Support: When sitting up in bed, the Wedge can be placed behind the person’s back. This provides good support for the lower back/posterior to lean against. A normal pillow can also be used for upper back support.
  • Anti-Slide Wedge: When the person is sitting up in bed, place the Wedge under the legs hard up against the groin. The Wedge will comfortably help the person to stay in position sitting up, and help prevent them sliding back down the bed. This is particularly useful as it can save the Carers having to constantly lift patients back into position.
  • Anti-Roll Wedge: This may help people who need to sleep on their side but will roll onto their backs. Place the wedge against their back. This will be comfortable, and will prevent them from rolling onto their back. The Wedge is very stable and small enough to go under the bed clothes.
  • Cradle Wedge: To take the weight of the blankets off the person’s feet, place the Wedge at the bottom of the bed, under the covers.

Please consider Pelican’s other various sizes of Wedges (sold separately) before deciding which is best for you.

The full range of the Pelican Bed Wedges consists of:

”Bed Small
”Bed Small – 1/2 Length
”Bed Small – 3/4 Length
”Bed Small – Extra Long
”Bed Small – Angled
”Bed Large
”Bed Large – 1/2 Length
”Bed Large – 3/4 Length
”Bed Large – Extra Long
”Bed Large – Angled
”Bed Extra Large
”Bed Sidelying
”Bed Bariatric – Heat Sealed


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Bed Wedge – Bariatric – Heat Sealed