Beach Star Beach Wheelchair

  • Lightweight and easy to move around
  • Anti-corrosion chassis for use in sea and pool water
  • Compliant with EN12182 CE and EN 13485 CE directives
  • Can be easily installed and dismantled without tools
  • Perfect for people with limited mobility to move easily on the beach, pebble areas, and sea

The Beachstar Water Wheelchair is the perfect solution for people with limited mobility who want to enjoy the beach, sea, and pebble areas.

With its lightweight and anti-corrosion chassis, it is designed to make it easy for you to move around and swim in the sea.

It can be easily installed and dismantled in just a few minutes without any tools, making it a great option for those who want to enjoy their vacation without any hassle.

The wheelchair is also compliant with EN12182 CE and EN 13485 CE directives, so you can use it safely for years to come. Get the freedom you deserve with Beachstar Water Wheelchair!


Technical Specifications

  • Total Chassis Length: 1050 mm
  • Floor Seating Height 340 mm
  • Product Total Weight: 8 kg Chassis + 4 kg casters
  • Max. Portable User Weight 120 kg
  • Seating Width 460 mm
  • Seating Depth 390 mm
  • Seat Back Width 480 mm
  • Seat Back Height 850 mm
  • Adjustable Back Height
  • Possibility of adjustable foot length
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • EN12182 CE ; EN13485 CE Directive
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Beach Star Beach Wheelchair