Bariatric Alternating Air Mattress | 350Kg Weight Capacity

The Bariatric Alternating Air Mattress is designed to provide exceptional comfort and support for individuals with higher weight requirements. With a robust weight capacity of 350kg, this mattress ensures durability and reliability. The alternating air pressure system helps to prevent pressure injuries by evenly distributing weight and reducing pressure points.






Perfectly suited for use with specialised bariatric beds, this mattress not only improves the quality of care but also minimises the risk of nursing injuries. Invest in the Bariatric Alternating Air Mattress for a superior caregiving experience and enhanced comfort for users.


  • Auto-Calibrating and Adjusting Firmness: Optimises caregiving efficiency and aids in pressure injury prevention.
  • Manual Firmness Adjustment: Allows for customisation, enhancing envelopment, immersion, and overall comfort.
  • Sacral Cushioning: Provides comfort and stability, accommodating postural deformities, mobility requirements, and lifestyle needs.
  • Specialised Bariatric Beds: Wider design improves care quality and experience while minimising nursing injury risks.


Mattress 100×200×20.2 cm, 8kg
Top Cover material 4-way Stretch PU (welded)
Air cell material Nylon/TPU
Base material Nylon/PVC
Top Cover fix style Full 1-way zipper
Cell No. 20
Cell Structure Cell-on-cell
Heel Relief Cell 16~20
Head Pillow Cell 1~3
CPR Knob
Max. Weight Capacity 350kg
Flame retardant standards EN597-1 ; EN597-2 ; BS7175 Crib 5
Controller 29×18.5×12.6 cm, 2.2 kg
Compressor flow (lpm) 8
Pump Pressure (mmHg)  H8″ : 15~40
Cycle time 10 min
Comfort Levels Auto Adjust + Tuning
Max Firm mode 20min. Timeout
Alternate mode 1-in-2
Continuous Low Pressure (Pressure = 2/3) 2/3 of Alt. pressure
Seat Inflate mode Alternate & CLP
Alarms Low Pressure Alarm
Power Failure Alarm
Tech. Support Alarm
Noise level ≦26 dB




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Bariatric Alternating Air Mattress | 350Kg Weight CapacityBariatric Alternating Air Mattress | 350Kg Weight Capacity