Back Posture Correction Belt

Following the most scientific ergonomic principles, our air traction belt uses H-force 3D correction treatment. It can provide the complete comprehensive treatment of “ lumbar traction, vertebral recovery, curvature correction, lumbar spine shaping, and curvature recovery” at once. It fundamentally eliminates the factors that cause the lumbar vertebrae problem to be repeated. It is a new way of rehabilitation. Whether working, exercising, driving, standing, sitting, or lying, you can wear it any time. No need to go to the hospital, patients can get continuous traction treatment at home. The mode is to inject air into the belt with an air pump, and the air column extends upwards to generate a strong traction support force.






  1. FDA, CE, TGA, ISO13485, and US Patented:
    • Ensures compliance with international standards and signifies patented technology for advanced lumbar correction.
  2. Materials:
    • Surface Material: PU leather, resistant to peeling and aging cracks, ensuring an extended service life.
    • Inner Material: 100% cotton for breathability, allowing close contact with the body without causing irritation.
    • Airbag Material: 5 layers of TPU imported, providing superior charging and discharging performance. This ensures a robust inflating force and traction force, preventing air leakage or explosions.



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Back Posture Correction Belt