Ambulatory Syringe Driver Bag (10 Pack)


The Ambulatory Syringe Driver Bag is designed to hold syringe drivers, such as:

  • Niki T 34
  • Graseby MS 16 or 28

About the Ambulatory Syringe Driver Bag

The Bag is made from a soft, lightweight material. There are two straps which can be tied together to form a shoulder strap.

These are used for continuous subcutaneous infusion of medications. These medications are normally used for:

  • Pain relief
  • Anti-vomiting
  • Sedative medications

For mobile patients, the bag is convenient and helps keep the driver safe. The driver can break if dropped! Sometimes patients receiving this treatment are bed bound and do not need the driver to be placed in a bag.

This product is sold in a Pack of 10.

Pelican also make a Bed Rail Organiser that has multiple pockets. These can hold the syringe driver, as well as books, newspapers, reading glasses etc.

Weight 1.3 kg
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Ambulatory Syringe Driver Bag (10 Pack)